Why Did Grassfire Launch This Membership Program?
There’s an age-old expression… 10% of the people do 90% of the work. Well, it’s true here at Grassfire. We began to realize that about 10% of our online team was doing about 90% of the heavy grassroots lifting. So we wanted to reward friends like you who have done the most for Grassfire and our nation over the years. Grassfire’s membership program is designed to give you access to benefits, discounts, resources and information not available to the general public

Why Should I Become A Member?
We believe your Grassfire membership will return to you in value more than the cost of membership. Our members receive unlimited “Fax My Congress” service plus our quarterly Grassfire books, plus complimentary access to our most popular e-books as well as the premium subscription (pending successful launch). PREMIER members have access to free Level One FaxFires, which alone provides a monthly value more than the cost of Premier membership.

How Do I Access My Member Benefits?
Simply click on the “Members Home” menu item from any page to see your member benefits. From here, you can access your free FaxFires, free e-books, discounts and other member benefits. Also, our members can access key benefits such as Free Level One Faxfires directly from their Grassfire emails and web pages.

How Many Times Can I Use “Fax My Congress Now”?
“Fax My Congress Now” is a free service for all Grassfire members designed to give you an instant way to get your message to your two U.S. Senators and your Representative RIGHT NOW. You pick the issue. You write your message. And here’s the best part — it’s a FREE service available to members ANY TIME… as many times as you would like to use the service!

Why is my address on the “Fax My Congress” free order form locked? Can I change it?
“Fax My Congress Now” is an exclusive benefit for Grassfire members. To prevent non-members from accessing this free service, we grant page access only to logged-in Grassfire members. The address field is locked to ensure that this service is exclusively for members. If you need to change your “Fax My Congress” address, simply go to your “My Account” page and change your SHIPPING address.

Is There Limit To The Number Of Times I Can Use The Free “Level One” and “Level Two” FaxFires?
No. Premier members can send as many of the selected “Level One” FaxFires at no cost as they wish. We trust that our members will utilize this service to expand their impact.

Can I Access My Member Benefits On Mobile Or Tablet?
Yes! Your Grassfire Members site is dynamic and fully functional on mobile or tablet. The “one click” options will make it easy and convenient for you to access your benefits on mobile devices.

How Do I Change My Address, Reset Password, Etc?
Your Membership comes with a very sophisticated “My Account” page that gives you all the tools you need to quickly modify just about everything about your account.

Can I Cancel My Membership?
You can cancel your membership at any time by visiting your “My Account” page. Grassfire’s membership program puts you in control of your membership at all times.

How Can I Contact Customer Support?
If you need help, you can email members@grassfire.com or call 866-GRASSFIRE.